Manufacturer of a Wide Variety of High Quality Impulse Sealers

Since 1956 Fuji Impulse has offered a wide variety of high quality impulse sealers for many different applications and industries. From their dependable and easy-to-use general pouch sealers to their OPL sealers that actually measure the temperature at the sealing surface, for consistent high-grade sealing required by the medical, food and high-tech industries, Fuji Impulse has the sealing solution that is right for your application.

All Fuji Impulse Sealers are microprocessor controlled and incorporate the following advantages:

  • No waiting: Just turn on the switch for immediate use.
  • No constant high-temperature sealing bars mean very low risk of heat injuries.
  • Saves energy costs by using power only during the sealing process.
  • Sealing and cooling performed under continued pressure results in very clean seal.

Guaranteed Satisfaction - With Fuji, peace of mind comes easy.

Choosing a supplier is a big decision. Why not join the thousands of other companies who have discovered the high quality impulse sealing products and superb service that Fuji Impulse offers. Fuji Impulse highly appreciates them being in their family of over 40,000 customers! 

Fuji Impulse is your #1 source for impulse sealers. Browse their on-line catalog to find the Fuji Impulse Sealer that meet your needs and contact them today.

Fuji Impulse America Corp.

Fuji Impulse America Corp.

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