GAO Tek, Inc.

GAO Tek Inc. is a member of GAO Group of Companies, headquartered in Toronto, Canada with global presence including multiple facilities in China. GAO Tek Inc. is a leading international provider of portable test and measurement instruments, fiber optics and RFID readers and tags.

GAO Tek is known for the high quality and good value of its products. It has a strong technical support team and provides excellent support for its products. The competitive advantage of GAO Tek over its competitors lies in its ability to deliver value, benefits and quality at substantially better prices.

GAO Tek Inc. is an international leading provider of embedded development tools, telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments, video surveillance & alarm and other electronic products that serve the needs of electronic professionals in the world.

GAO Tek is a result of the strong engineering talent and capabilities within GAO Group. It started operating in 2001 as GAO Engineering to supply development tools to engineers and developers in the embedded field. The business grew rapidly thanks to the quality and the high value to price ratio of its products. Over time, the product offerings of GAO Engineering have expanded to cover telecom products, test and measurement instruments, IT products, as well as a strong line of highly popular RFID products.

In July, 2006, GAO Engineering was renamed to GAO Tek Inc. to reflect its ever broadening range of RFID product lines. To cater to the ever growing RFID related business and products a new company, GAO RFID Inc., was created and spun out of GAO Tek Inc.

GAO Tek, Inc.
GAO Tek, Inc.
GAO Tek, Inc.

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