GE Motors

GE is a world-class manufacturer of electric motors and generators with more than 125 years of experience

GE offers a full range of products, from 1 to 100,000 horsepower units, for highly demanding applications around the world. A century of achievement has built a rich tradition of technical excellence, quality and reliability.

GE MotorsSynchronous Motors & Generators
GE Motors has the capability to design and manufacture electrical rotating machines up to 100,000 HP, and have supplied over 800,000 HP of motors for variable speed applications. A century of achievement has built a rich tradition of technical excellence, quality and reliability.

GE MotorsInduction (Asynchronous) Motors & Generators
Since 1987, GE has produced over 15,000 medium/high voltage induction machines and has been a certified ISO 9001:2000 Quality System since 1992. GE presently offers a full range of motors and generators up to 22,000 HP (15,000 kW).

GE MotorsNEMA Motors
GE has been manufacturing premium efficient motors since the late 1970’s. With the newly signed US Energy Independence & Security Act (EISAct) and a bigger demand around the world for high efficiency, GE will continue to be the preferred choice for NEMA/IEC motors.

GE MotorsIEC Motors
As a global leader in energy, technology, manufacturing and infrastructure, GE meets or exceeds the requirements for most industry specifications in IEC construction. Building on the proven legacy or reliability and efficiency, our IEC motors are some of the most durable and reliable motors you can buy.

GE MotorsVertical Motors
GE offers a range of vertical motors, available in both NEMA & IEC designs. These motors are commonly used for pump applications in the petrochemical, power generation, water & waste water industries.

GE MotorsDC Motors
GE has designed reliability, durability and superior performance in DC motors for over 100 years. Our complete range of Kinamatic II, CD6000s and MD800 type motors will fit all DC needs for paper, steel, material handling and other industrial applications.

GE MotorsSpecialty Motors
GE is a leading provider of motors designed for a wide range of commercial applications.


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