GMT Global Inc. is the leading manufacturer of linear motion systems in Taiwan. We have our own factory specialized in producing linear motion systems and marketing as a global brand.  In 2011, we launched our new product line of motorized stages. We have different series of motorized stages such as linear positioning and rotary positioning, and also multi-axes movement features to meet customers’ requirements.

XY-TableApplications of GMT Products
Multiple-axle stages (tables) – These products are applied widely to different industries, such as inspection or measuring instruments, mechanical transport system (to carry subjects) in the main working station with different job sections, medical equipment, printers, optical instruments, automation-production systems. They feature transmission contained micro-movement through micrometers or long stroke movement through ball screws. GMT offers the proper products for customers' requirements.

Cross roller slide rails – These products are mostly applied to equipment that requires high precision movement with light or heavy loading of the subject, such as measuring instruments, drilling machines for PCB printers, optical measuring and test equipment or its control plate-form, positioning devices, or X-ray installation and slide seats for EDM machinery.

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