Gates Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive and industrial products, systems and components. As a leading manufacturer of quality belt and hose products, Gates supplies solutions for a broad range of applications.

The company’s belts are installed on automobiles and fleet trucks, on 335 mph dragsters and snowmobiles, and on home appliances and manufacturing equipment.

Gates transfer hoses can be found under the hoods of automobiles and trucks, and in food processing plants and refineries.

Its hydraulic products are found on equipment ranging from front-end loaders to continuous miners, and from forestry harvesters to marine vessels.

With 13,000 employees Gates Corporation operates 48 manufacturing facilities and 27 distribution centers in 21 countries. Gates maintains sales and marketing operations in every major automotive market, including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Gates sells its products directly to automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers and through a network of 150,000 distributors, jobbers and dealers worldwide.

Gates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tomkins plc. Tomkins is an international engineering business, listed on the London (TOMK) and New York (TKS) stock exchanges.

Tomkins is organized into two business segments, Industrial & Automotive and Building Products, consisting of various business areas that operate in numerous end markets.

For additional information, visit www.gates.com.

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