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Category: Wire to Board Connectors
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Harwin — it's all in the detail

Electrical components engineered to the highest possible standards.

Since 1952, Harwin have been dedicated to delivering the ultimate in quality. So much so, we manage the whole manufacturing process in house, from R&D to packaging. We even develop our own fixtures and assembly machines. Over the last 65 years our active portfolio has grown to feature 20,000+ interconnects and PCB hardware items — but our exceptional standards haven't changed one bit.

Continuous investment in technology, productivity and efficiency.

We keep investing in the latest computer aided design and engineering facilities to drive advancements and retain our position as the industry's innovators. We also replace equipment on a five-year cycle. Further helping to ensure our future is every bit as bright as our distinguished past.

Staying close to our customers.

We have offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA and Singapore, with sales consultants based in Europe and the USA. This gives us a global reach and comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and ensures we're always there for our customers whenever they need us.

Our components might be small, but you can rely on them to play a huge part in your success. 
Discover more on our website www.harwin.com 

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