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Category: Molding Compounds and Resins
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Innovation Polymers focuses on highly effective sound transfer through the development of acoustic-capable polymers. We have the facility and capability to develop a wide range of unique sound coupling media using our trademark rubber and TPE compounds (Aqualene™, ACE™ and Aqualink™) that can be moulded into specific shapes and/or thicknesses in order to enhance scan data and save inspection time. The product range we offer is truly targeted at ultrasonic coupling, but we are always interested in unique applications where more than just getting sound into material is the goal. Let us collaborate on your application needs.

  • Dry coupling
  • Sound transfer optimization
  • Overhead NDT applications
  • Made-to-order design
  • Embedded target applications
  • Ultrasonic NDT wheel inspection

We regularly work with NDT Level II and Level III project managers to innovate and develop new solutions that meet the evolving needs of their projects by guiding them step-by-step through the process of creating acoustic capable wheels, wedges and delay lines. From material selection to complex shapes and combined materials, we have a history of delivering solutions for out of the ordinary ultrasonic inspection applications.

Book a 20 minute discovery call to get started. Reach out via email rmacneil@innovationpolymers.ca or call (226) 749-3035

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