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Category: Analytical Laboratory Services
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We are a one-stop Electronics Failure Analysis Lab, specializing in semiconductor, circuit board, electrical, and IC failure analysis.

As a leading provider of electronics failure analysis services for over twenty years, Insight Analytical Labs can help transform your defects, rejects, and malfunctions into a valuable source of learning. With extensive experience in many facets of the microelectronics industry, our adaptable, innovative team of engineers can provide a comprehensive approach to failure analysis of a wide range of products; from the largest printed circuit board to the smallest transistor, IAL has the tools, techniques, and expertise necessary to cut through the confusion surrounding any electronics malfunction and identify the root cause of failure. Rather than providing a "by-the-numbers" failure analysis experience, our staff strive to compile our findings into actionable data that can serve as the basis for effective corrective action and process improvement.

No matter what issue might be plaguing you - a troublesome yield issue, a reliability concern, or a puzzling field failure - our engineers are happy to discuss the ways that IAL can add value to your process. It has been said that failure is the first step on the road to success; enlisting the failure analysis expertise of an analytical powerhouse like IAL is an excellent second step.

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Scanning Electron Microscope - Explore the Nanoscopic World (Engineering Services) Electron microscopy allows our electronic failure analysts to take incredible images of a huge variety of defects. From melted silicon to cracked metallization and all points between, the electron... (View Full Article)
Using FIB for Wafer Lot acceptance and Design Verification (Calibration and Testing Services) The capabilities of modern FIB machines utterly overshadow the primitive capabilities I so revered from the 80s. In the current era of System-on-Chip (SoC) designs with 10 and 11 metal layers, copper... (View Full Article)