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Category: Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
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Making Tomorrow's Possibilities Today
At Interplex, we create intelligent, cutting-edge products and solutions for a wide range of markets such as Automotive, Medical & Life Sciences, Information & Communications Technology, and General Industrial.

Interplex is a global leader, bringing decades of technology leadership in developing complex, customized products and solutions across a continually expanding range of design and production disciplines. We are an innovative partner, providing an end-to-end, collaborative approach from initial concept, through design, testing, and full production ramp-up. We combine patented technologies and unmatched skills in applications engineering with a constant commitment to research and innovation to constantly monitor your needs on both a market and technical level, so you can stay a step ahead of emerging trends.

We believe that all customer requests are unique. We honor your distinct design requirements, working in close partnership to achieve your business goals and best seize on your specific marketplace opportunities.

Building on our We Make Possible philosophy, the Interplex team is dedicated to making tomorrow's possibilities today.


Interconnect Technology
Innovating advanced Interconnect Solutions for today's uber-connected world by creating unique, applications-focused designs for our customers.

High-Precision Engineering
Providing product design and manufacturing services of complex precision-engineered systems for vital sectors of the global economy our customers and the world at large.

Mechanical Engineering
Engineering customized solutions for application-specific mechanical requirements, including large-scale projects, multi-tooling, short-lead times, and high-volume production.

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