KWS Inc. was founded in 1995 by Mr. Ulrich Thiele, who established operations in the United States specifically focused on the sales of the THIELE brand of overhead lifting chain and components. Since then, conveying chain, fishing chain, hoists and hoist chains have been added to the product line. New products are being added continually; most recently magnet chain assemblies and forestry products.

Headquartered in Tulsa OK, KWS supplies quality lifting products produced and engineered by their parent company, THIELE GmbH. A complete line of Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain and components is always maintained at KWS. Along with these standard lifting components, a full compliment of Transport Rings and Lifting Points is stocked for immediate delivery in weld-on, bolt-on and swivel types. No application is too small or large for KWS; sizes range from as small as 7/32 of an inch to 6 inch diameter lifting chain and assemblies.

Today, the THIELE group produces 5,000 different chains and accessories. Their target to be the innovative leader in chain technology has been proven several times in company history. They have built the longest (915 m) and heaviest (100 t) anchor chains of the world.

Still today the company is family-owned. In close cooperation with their customers THIELE always searches for better and more innovative solutions. They are also supported by renowned universities and leading research institutes. They are continuously searching for new knowledge in material techniques and shaping in order to develop lighter, more solid, and safer products.

KWS Inc. - Grade 80 Sling Chain

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