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Category: Fall Arrest Systems
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Safety Railing Systems and Components to Meet OSHA Standards and other Regulations

Kee Safety Inc.

Kee Safety manufactures a variety of systems and components to meet safety regulations, reduce installation costs of railings
and clamping systems, and provide flexible design options for a wide range of manufacturing and construction applications.
The company was established in 1934 and has operations in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, and
Dubai - plus authorized distributors in nearly 30 other countries.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, as well as harsh manufacturing and processing environments, Kee products are manufactured of galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Fall protection barriers and safety railings are designed to meet OSHA, OHS and other applicable safety standards. Free engineering solutions are available for most applications.

KeeGuard® Fall Protection Railing SystemKee Safety Inc.s
  • Meets OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.23; 1926.501; and 29 CFR 1926.502 for rooftop fall protection plus many other USA, Canadian and international building codes and safety standards.
    Installs without welding, drilling or penetrating the roof membrane.
    Modular KeeGuard systems for permanent yet adaptable systems - designed for flat or low-sloped roofs and walkways.
    Portable KeeGuard® Contractor railings for temporary applications including construction and maintenance.
  • KeeHatch® systems for roof access points; KeeDome™ to protect up to 8-ft. x 8-ft. openings, and Skylight Screens also available.

Kee Klamp® and Kee Lite® Safety ComponentKee Safety Inc.s

  • Ideal for building safety railings, racks, barriers, shelves, tables, awnings, playground equipment, storage areas, and other tubular pipe-fitted structures.
  • Easy to install - no welding or drilling required - and reduces assembled costs up to 50% or more compared to welded railings.
  • Kee Klamp galvanized steel fittings are available in more than 70 styles and a variety of sizes to fit standard piping.
  • Kee Lite aluminum fittings feature sleek contours and hidden set screws for heightened aesthetic appeal.
  • New Kee® Access ADA Safety Railing Systems meet ADA, ICC and other building code requirements for barrier-free design.
BeamClamp® Steel-to-Steel Fasteners, Expansion Bolts and Floor ConnectorKee Safety Inc.s
  • Full line of high-strength, ductile iron fasteners to connect steel-to-steel without welding or drilling.
  • Ideal for secondary steel connections (e.g. buildings, cell towers, bridges) and in-plant equipment.
  • Easy-to-install or adjust on site - will not weaken existing steel or harm protective coatings.
  • Guaranteed Safe Working Loads.
  • BoxBolt® expansion anchor bolts for tubular steel connections and fire-rated curtain walls also available.
  • FloorFix and GrateFix for positioning floor plates and securing steel grating also available

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