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Litre Meter Limited Litre Meter Limited
Litre Meter Limited Litre Meter Limited
Litre Meter Limited Litre Meter Limited
Litre Meter Limited Litre Meter Limited
Litre Meter Limited Litre Meter Limited

If you are looking for accurate, reliable flow measurement, Litre Meter has all the expertise you need. We manufacture pelton wheel turbine flowmeters and rotary piston positive displacement flow meters. We distribute thermal mass gas flowmeters; helical screw positive displacement meters; electromagnetic flowmeters; drum type gas meters; vortex flowmeters; ultrasonic flowmeters and axial flow turbine flow meters. Mass flowmeters, water flowmeters and chemical flowmeters (for chemical injection) are all also available.

Since 1975 we've been designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance flowmeters. We are able to offer a broad range of technologies suitable for virtually every liquid, gas or steam measurement application. Based in the UK we serve the flowmeter market either direct or through our large network of distributors.

Litre Meter’s flow meters are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and standards and are used across the world - from the harshest conditions found sub-sea, to the precision of laboratory conditions. We have particular expertise in measuring low flow rates and/or f;pws at high pressures. Whether you need water flow meters or chemical injection flow meters consult the specialists.

Alongside our engineering capabilities, we have also built a reputation for providing fast and reliable service. We are able to offer a total flowmeter service that is among the best in the industry. With a selection of six calibration rigs in-house and dozens available from our partners worldwide for liquid and gas we can answer all your flow questions.

Applications covered:

  • Low Viscosity Liquids
  • High Viscosity Liquids
  • Gas Flowmeters
  • Oil Industry Flowmeters

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