Loveshaw, an ITW Company

Loveshaw, an ITW Company

Auto Case Sealers

Loveshaw, a leader in Auto Case Sealers, manufactures a variety of Little David Case Sealers designed to meet your needs. Models range from semi-automatic to fully automatic and are designed to work with uniform or random box sizes. The Little David line of case sealers has a proven track record of performance and reliability.

Case Forming Equipment and Case Erecting Equipment

Loveshaw is a leader in providing precise, reliable and cost efficient case forming and case erecting equipment. For over 15 years Little David Case Formers have been easily integrated into any production line. Little David Case Erectors can be justified on volumes as low as 500 cases per day. Little David Case Formers are designed to provide all the features found in larger more costly case erecting packaging machinery. Loveshaw's portable case erector system is less than 80" wide which allows it to fit into packaging production lines where space is a premium.

Loveshaw, an ITW Company
Loveshaw, an ITW Company

Case Marking and Case Coding Equipment

Loveshaw offers a variety of industrial inkjet printers to suit your needs, from low cost, large character printers to high resolution graphics printers for porous materials. If you have the need to print directly on to a carton or case with a high resolution inkjet printer please take a moment to review the full line of MicroJet Inkjet printers from Loveshaw. Each printer in their case coding and marking product line is built to ensure reliable performance and carefree operation for years to come.

Label Application Systems

Whether you need a preprinted label applied to your boxes or you need labels printed and applied to your container in multiple ways, Loveshaw offers a range of Little David label systems to meet your needs. The complete line of Little David label application systems are designed for high volume operations and require relatively low maintenance for long term operations. Loveshaw's Print and Apply Label Systems combine high quality label printing with fast and accurate label application. Their apply-only label systems offer a low cost, dependable and accurate way to apply preprinted labels to your containers.

Loveshaw, an ITW Company


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