MEI Wet Processing  LLC is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor wet process systems, wet benches and related services to the semiconductor, MEMS, photovoltaic, medical device, and high technology manufacturing industries. MEI designs and manufactures cleanroom wet benches, automated wet process systems and semi-automated wet benches, ,and related chemical delivery systems. Superior process control, uptime, and maintainability is delivered with their proprietary, GEM/SECs compliant control automation software.

MEI Semiconductor Equipment and MEMs Processing Equipment Manufacturing

¦ Custom fully automated, semi-automated, linear, and rotary wet processing systems for etch, clean and rinse
¦ Semiconductors, MEMS, LED wafer wet bench
¦ IDX automation software for wet bench control
¦ Drum, Bottle and Carboy chemical delivery, mixing, and handling solutions integrated with wet bench solutions
¦ Related cleanroom equipment

MEI Solar and Polysilicon Systems

¦ Solar Wafer cleaning systems, including oxide etch, post saw slurry removal, incoming cell clean, saw damage removal and damage etch removal.
¦ Polysilicon chunk cleaning, ingot and bar cleaning

MEI services include:
¦ Wet Bench Field Service and repair of a wide range of, including Akrion, Verteq and Semitool
¦ Wet Bench Refurbishing, reconditioning and upgrading. Breathe new life into your wet process equipment and spin rinse/dryers
¦ Wet process system support

MEI Rigging and Crating is a division of MEI, LLC with over 20 years of experience in the rigging and crating industry. In addition to cleanroom and factory relocations, they offer industrial and commercial machinery moving, equipment rigging, process tool rigging and crating services, industrial crating.

MEI Rigging and Crating services include:
¦ Industrial rigging, machinery rigging, heavy load rigging, specialized rigging.
expertise in clean room moves, and rigging, packing, crating and shipping sensitive, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment
¦ Crane Rigging and Forklift Services
¦ Custom crating services, wooden crates, industrial crates and trade show crates
¦ Equipment and machinery moving (including medical equipment, industrial equipment, presses, production lines and more)
¦ Complete factory relocation (specializing in fab and cleanroom moves)
¦ Wet process system and micro-fabrication equipment installation
¦ Transportation services coordination
¦ Industrial Move Project Management

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