Marsh Bellofram is a world class instrumentation manufacturer, with powerful product support, and near flawless distribution. Their mission is to engage the current and future needs of their customers with swift, professional service while providing the highest quality instrumentation products at the most competitive prices.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies Automatic Timing and Control (ATC) - Timers & Counters
For over 80 years, process engineers and machine designers have turned to Automatic Timing & Controls first for reliable control products. These high-performance products are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable operation in all types of industrial environments. Their products play an integral part in countless industries; including food processing, plastics, packaging, water treatment and many OEM applications.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Digitec Division - Digital Panel Meters

DigiTec offers the most complete, customized and versatile line of Digital Controllers in the industry. Reliability is the most important single factor in choosing a digital controller, and DigiTec's reputation has been built on exactly that. Their products play an integral role in industrial applications including packaging, level flow, weighing, and pumping applications.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

ThermoCouple Products Co. - RTDs & Thermo-Couples

As a leader in the manufacturing of temperature sensors for over 45 years, TCP has succeeded in building strong working relationships with their customers. Their long history of working closely with their customers has yielded many innovative new ideas. By relentlessly pursuing solutions for the marketplace, TCP has developed several significant innovations. Several of their “firsts” include: Subminiature thermocouple connectors, high pressure wave rings, multi-point thermocouples and color coded ceramic connectors.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Marsh Instruments - Pressure Instruments & Gauges

For more than 140 years, the Marsh name has been known for quality instrumentation throughout the world. Their pressure gauges are used in countless applications where accuracy, dependability and durability are essential. Whether a standard design, or a specially designed pressure gauge, Marsh Instruments stands ready to provide a precision instrument adaptable to wherever pressure is measured.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

BelGas - Natural Gas & Propane Regulators

BelGAS, the leader in pressure regulator design, offers the Oil, Gas and Pipeline Industry the same precision and reliability in flow control and pressure control that the control valve market has enjoyed for over 40 years. At BelGAS, they have raised the industry standard for quality, accuracy, and dependability.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Precision Control Devices (PCD) - Air Regulators & Transducers

Marsh Bellofram’s line of regulators started with an idea that changed regulator design for the entire industry. In 1955, Bellofram Corporation introduced the rolling seal diaphragm design for a line of low-friction cylinders and soon adapted the design to a new line of gas pressure regulators. This new rolling seal diaphragm design produced a gas regulator of unsurpassed precision and repeatability. This design innovation is present in the entire line of Marsh Bellofram regulators, relays, I/Ps and E/Ps.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Bellofram PCD - Rolling Diaphragms

In 1950, Bellofram introduced the original rolling diaphragm for a wide variety of industries and applications. Since that time one billion diaphragms have been used successfully throughout the world. Engineering plays a critical role at every level in their manufacturing cycle. From design, tooling completion, to integrating procedures into production processes, is one aspect of total quality commitment.

Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Diversified Electronics - Motor Protection

Entering their fifth decade of business, Diversified Electronics continues the tradition of reliable motor protection & alternating relay products as part of the ATC Automatic Timing & Controls organization. As a leader in solid state control products, they pioneered the first Phase Monitor Relay designed to protect 3-phase equipment from adverse conditions such as Phase Loss (single phasing), Under Voltage (brown-outs), and Phase Reversal (improper sequence).

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