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Category: Sealing and Impregnation Services
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National Coating Corporation is your Solvent and Water-Based Coating Contractor

National Coating Corporation provides coating services for a wide variety of markets. These include automotive, electronics, filtration, alternative energy and other industrial and commercial businesses.

We guarantee complete secrecy by written agreement, and will provide technical assistance while respecting the confidential nature of your project.

National Coating has processed goods that include:

  • Carbon fabric treated for use in fuel cells and automotive applications.
  • Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins for paint roller tubes, and other tubes requiring resin treated paper. National Coating has also treated kraft paper for use in the building and furniture industries.
  • Gasket materials including release and adhesive treated for automotive, marine and off-road vehicles and equipment.
  • Friction media treated with phenolic resins for use in clutch facings, brake linings, and other laminating applications.
  • Non-woven specialties treated with applicable resins for air, hydraulic, and oil filters.
  • Woven glass and cloth saturated or coated to your specifications in applications such as textile equipment and printed circuit boards.
  • Glass mat saturated or coated for the roofing, flooring and composite industries.
  • Cotton and paper, etc. saturated with phenolic epoxy or polyester resins for the laminating-composite industry

National Coating has the specialized capabilities and facilities to custom treat any size order.

National Coating combines the efficiency of its modern, highly specialized operation, with the know-how that comes with nearly fifty years of successful operation. As a result, the company can custom treat to your specifications, at prices that can significantly lower your own production costs.

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