Oren Elliott Products, Inc. is the largest domestic manufacturer of air-dielectric variable capacitors. They also manufacture precision screw machine products, CNC machined products, custom sub-assemblies, variable inductors, and planetary reduction drives.

Their Plant I facilities have produced capacitors since 1925, first as American Steel Packaging Company and then as All Star Products. In those early years, applications of their major products were almost exclusively limited to short-wave radio. During World War II, they supplied the Allies with 3500 capacitors per day, and by the end of the war their company was the world's largest producer of air trimmers.

Since Oren Elliott Products Inc.'s inception in 1983, their capacitors have been used in such diverse applications as microchip fabrication equipment, (including physical vapor deposition systems, chemical vapor deposition systems, RF plasma etching, sputtering, and deposition devices), optical and cryogenic level meters, and radio frequency test equipment.

Their Plant II facilities include CNC lathes, CNC vertical machining centers, CNC and conventional Swiss screw machines, and all of the support equipment necessary to enable them not only to produce all of the machined subcomponents for their capacitors, but also to offer competitive and competent contract machining services.

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