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Category: Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
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REDCOM EMS is an Electronics Manufacturing Services provider energized by more than 30 years of successful design and manufacture of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs), wiring harnesses, and fully-integrated systems. Principal offices, and all manufacturing, are located in our modern 140,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Victor, New York, near Rochester. This world-class manufacturing facility and an experienced engineering department establish the conditions for a highly collaborative relationship with our EMS customers, spanning the product lifecycle.

REDCOM is self-sufficient to an extent much greater than most companies today. Reducing the number of third-party dependencies increases reliability, a critical component of meeting tight production schedules. Exceptionally high retention in our manufacturing and engineering organizations results in a tightly-knit, expert, and highly coordinated EMS capability.  We have the ability to engage with your design and supply chain organizations early in the go-to-market process.

REDCOM EMS specializes in:

  • Mid-to-high complexity, mixed technology PCBAs
  • Low volume/high mix (LVHM) production profiles
  • Backplane assemblies and similar connector-dense designs
  • Quick turnaround of component and design verification builds
  • Multi-point engagement with OEMs
  • PCBA upgrades and repair

Made in USASource in the USA with REDCOM EMS

REDCOM strives to keep manufacturing at home. Consistent with our operating principles, and to the fullest extent possible, we use US suppliers for all raw materials, components, expendables, and services necessary to the operation of our business. Reduce lead times and Total Cost of Acquisition. Source in the USA with REDCOM EMS.

A Culture of Craftsmanship

It’s not about boards or boxes — it’s about your product. Yes, the majority of manufacturing operations are highly automated and under tight process control. But we take pride in how we set up, run, and maintain our equipment, instruments, and tools. We thoroughly understand the materials we use. When manual operations are required, we’re fastidious about accuracy, orderliness, and cleanliness. We’ve mastered the fundamentals and we pay attention to the details.

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The EMS Provider with "OEM-pathy"

At REDCOM EMS, we are intimately familiar with the challenges that OEMs face, and adept at applying manufacturing expertise where it can help deal with these challenges. We understand the financial effects and necessity of meeting schedule commitments, and you don’t need to explain to us the connection between product quality and your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

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