RFMW services customers with products from specialized RF&MW component manufacturers who have a need to utilize a technical sales and marketing approach combined with premier customer service in the form of a time and place utility. The Company focuses its sales and marketing resources solely on applications and markets of customers who design and manufacture with RF&MW components in their end product.

RFMW Ltd. services customers with products from specialized, focused, and industry leading RF&MW component manufacturers with strategically profiled inventory. Our close technical working relationship with our suppliers results in the value being passed onto our customer base:

  • Constant New Product Design/New Technology updates and information
  • Best in Class Design Objectives
  • Design Resources Through Field Sales Engineers and Technical Marketing Support
  • Training and Product Roadmap Updates
  • Inventory and Product Management Expertise
  • Technical Newsletter and Supplier Updates

Supplier Directory Categories

(417 Products)
Bias Tees
(171 Products)
Cable Assemblies
(3,202 Products)
(27,018 Products)
Chip Antennas
(39 Products)
Chip Capacitors
(27,008 Products)
Chip Inductors
(13 Products)
Chip Resistors
(429 Products)
Comb Generators
(12 Products)
(166 Products)
DC Blocks
(84 Products)
(984 Products)
Electrical Connectors
(6,086 Products)
(30 Products)
Ferrite Beads
(149 Products)
(550 Products)
PIN Diodes
(257 Products)
RF Adapters
(2,003 Products)
RF Amplifiers
(1,406 Products)
RF Attenuators
(7,195 Products)
RF Couplers
(340 Products)
RF Inductors
(3,572 Products)
RF Limiters
(90 Products)
RF Mixers
(86 Products)
RF Switches
(2,856 Products)
RF Terminations
(1,012 Products)
RF Transformers
(170 Products)
RF Transistors
(1,313 Products)
(480 Products)
(47 Products)
Schottky Diodes
(266 Products)
(179 Products)
(1,313 Products)
Tunnel Diodes
(30 Products)
Varactor Diodes
(320 Products)