Reis Robotics USA, Inc.
Reis Robotics USA, Inc.
Reis Robotics USA, Inc.
Reis Robotics is the worldwide leader in systems integration, celebrating - in 2007- it’s 50th anniversary. 1100 committed employees have realized more than 10,000 systems and solutions for the manufacturing industry.

What sets Reis Robotics apart from the competition?

They are experts in the manufacturing process. They build all application technology in-house with partners that they have longstanding relationships with in their application centers. Reis Robotics' wide range of flexible, configurable, mechanical robot arms allow them to provide the best floor space saving solutions and the best maintenance solutions, compared with other automation suppliers.

Reis Robotics' controls technologically are state of the art and they participate regularly in European research projects. They provide proven Reis Technology for projects including 6 D mouse-guided robot by hand-solutions and their unique, patented solution, Safety Controller Concept to protect humans working within the same workspace of the robot.

Reis Robotics would also be glad to be your partner for all of your manufacturing solutions.

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