Rose Bopla Enclosures

Rose enclosures are suited for industrial applications and harsh environments in a variety of materials including —  cast and extruded aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, polyamide, polycarbonate, and ABS. Bopla enclosures protect high-quality assemblies against damage. Perfect for a wide range of sectors, such as safety and security technology, telecommunications, automotive technology and the field of medicine.

Rose Bopla Enclosures
Rose Bopla Enclosures

Value-added Services at Phoenix Mecano offer customers a broad range of specialized manufacturing treatments.

We process many custom orders at an economical price—all at the Phoenix Mecano Headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. This saves you unnecessary expense and delays that can occur if these processes are performed by several suppliers in remote locations.

Value-added services include: irriditing, chromating, anodizing, wet painting, powder-coating, silk-screening, engraving, drilling, tapping, milling, etching, in-house prototyping and engineering services, as well as product print generation.

Rose Bopla EnclosuresRose Bopla EnclosuresRose Bopla Enclosures

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