Rupture Pin Technology

Let Rupture Pin Technology solve your toughest pressure relief problems. They produce the most accurate and reliable pressure relief valves in the world.

Rupture Pin Technology's pressure relief valves give you better performance, greater accuracy and reduced downtime so you can keep profits flowing and keep people, systems, products and the environment safe.

Here are some of the reasons why clients around the world make Rupture Pin relief valves their choice for pressure relief:

  • The pin on the Rupture Pin relief valve is replaced by one person in only one minute – saving you time and money!
  • The valve's pin is not subject to premature fatigue failures like other products on the market!
  • Rupture Pin valves offer you substantial savings in operating and maintenance costs!
  • Rupture Pin's relief valve is much more accurate than conventional devices on the market, especially at extreme pressures (low or high)!
  • The valve's pin itself is outside of your system – free from system temperatures and corrosion factors often experienced with rupture disks (rupture discs)!
  • They custom make relief valves to solve the most difficult problems!
  • Downstream pressure does not affect set pressure when a balanced piston is used on Rupture Pin's relief valve!
  • The valve's pin is separate from your system piping and can be quickly changed to reset. You won't have to break into the integrity of your system to reset – which keeps you free from environmental concerns often associated with other systems!
  • Full open pressure relief occurs in milliseconds at set point – giving you full flow at set point.
  • Rupture Pin's relief valves operate simply with only one or two moving parts!
  • Rupture Pin's relief valve technology is excellent for a wide variety of applications such as chemical processing, oil and gas production, pipeline, well drilling, food processing, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper.
Rupture Pin Technology
Rupture Pin Technology
Rupture Pin Technology

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