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Sesotec - an overview

With a turnover of more than EUR 60 million the Sesotec group is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and systems for product inspection and for the sorting of material flows. Product sales primarily focus on the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries. Sesotec's global presence includes subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Italy, China, Singapore, India, Canada, and in the USA, a representative office in Turkey, and more than 40 agencies all over the world. The Sesotec group presently has 500 employees, about 400 are working at the main factory in Schönberg.


Precision, intelligence and customer focus: these three guiding principles govern the quality of the services Sesotec provides, and are key to the trust they have built up with their customers over the years. Their commitment is guaranteed for the long-term. Sesotec is an independent organization, first established in Germany in 1976; their principle facility for design, development and manufacture, and their commercial headquarters remain there. This offers a degree of reliability consistent throughout their subsidiaries and all their after-sales activities.

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Sesotec systems are used by our customers for quality assurance, machine protection and to comply with industry-specific standards. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, in particular, consumers must be protected from the risks associated with metal and other contaminants found in consumer and healthcare products. Sesotec helps its customers avoid product recalls, liability claims and the resulting damage to their companies’ reputation. In plastics the top priority is the prevention of damage to machinery; production downtime has serious implications. Sesotec systems add value for our customers by rejecting poor quality product and accurately sorting mixed materials into highly pure fractions.












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