Select Safety Sales is a small woman owned business that distributes safety equipment and supplies. The business began operations in 2005 and has increased its customer base to include worldwide distribution. The internet has provided the opportunity to supply safety products in a global marketplace. Select Safety Sales was awarded a GSA Contract in July 2009 with the Federal Government. Their products are sold to governmental, industrial, medical and educational facilities.

Their Product line Includes:

  • Eyewash Stations and Safety Showers
    1. Portable Eyewash Stations
    2. Gravity Fed Eyewash Stations
    3. Faucet Eyewash Stations
    4. Combination Eyewash Station and Safety Shower
    5. Thermostatic Mixing Valves for Eyewash Station Temperature Control
  • Portable Handwash Stations
    1. Single Sink Portable Handwash Stations
    2. Double Sink Portable Handwash Stations
    3. Heated Portable Handwash Stations
  • Fire Safety Products
    1. Fire Extinguishers
    2. Fire Extinguisher Brackets
    3. Smoke Alarms
    4. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    1. Ear Plugs, Ear Plug Dispensers,  Ear Muffs
    2. Safety Goggles, Glasses and Face Shields
    3. Hard Hats, Bump Caps
    4. Safety Clothing
    5. Safety Gloves
  • Respiratory Protection
    1. Respirators
    2. Respirator Cartridges
    3. Safety Masks and Disposable Respirators
    4. PAPR
  • First Aid Supplies
    1. Bulk First Aid Kits and Stations
    2. Bloodborne Pathogen Kits
    3. Incident Response Kits
  • Online Safety Training Courses
    1. Construction Training
    2. Outreach Training
    3. Environmental Training
    4. Hazwoper Training
    5. General Industry Training
  • Safety Communication Services
    1. Mobile Text, E-mail and Voice Alert Systems

The mission at Select Safety Sales is to provide their customers with the optimal selection of safety equipment and supplies with the best overall value. Their direct relationship with various manufacturers in the safety industry provides the distribution of a diverse and preferred product line of safety products for the workplace.

Select Safety Sales, LLC
Select Safety Sales, LLC
Select Safety Sales, LLC
Select Safety Sales, LLC

Select Safety Sales, LLCSelect Safety Sales is a member of the National Safety Council (NSC) which provides access to up- to- date safety information and guidelines for workplace safety. The information is passed on to Select Safety Sales customers through e-mail newsletters and safety articles on the website.

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