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The name Sensata comes from the Latin word sensata, meaning "those gifted with sense". To complement our business and name, our logo is inspired by Braille, the writing system based on touch.

Our highly engineered devices satisfy the world's growing need for safety, energy efficiency, and a clean environment. These are devices that improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day and are used in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air conditioning, data, telecommunications, recreational vehicle and marine applications.

Until 2006, we were called Texas Instruments Sensors & Controls. Today we are the world's leading supplier of sensors and controls across a broad range of markets and applications.


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How Integrated Thermal Protection Technology can Prevent Solid State Relay Failure in Industrial Systems (Temperature Sensing) Solid state relays provide robust solutions for electronic switching in load control applications and hold many advantages over electromechanical relays. New, emerging solid state relay designs offer... (View Full Article)
How Sensors are Moving Material Handling Towards Safe Automation (Rotary Position Sensing) Next Generation Sensing Technologies put the SMART in Robot AGVs Automated and integrated systems are proving to be more efficient and cost-effective solutions in industries like Material Handling. (View Full Article)

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