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Category: Process Dryers
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Spooner Industries provides industrial solutions around the world for the principle market sectors of Paper, Non-wovens, Metals, Food, Converting and Environmental.

Manufacturing industrial process machinery such as industrial ovens, dryers, coolers, provers/proofers, air turns, stabilisers, oxidisers and solvent and energy recovery equipment.

Spooner Industries Ltd.Spooner Industries Ltd.Spooner Industries Ltd.
Spooner Industries Ltd.Spooner Industries Ltd.Spooner Industries Ltd.

Since 1932 Spooner Industries has been a leading global innovator introducing pioneering technology in all of its industry sectors. Initially focused on forced air convection technology, the company has unrivaled worldwide experience in the baking, drying, curing, proving/proofing, cooling, air pollution abatement and non-contact handling of a diverse range of products.

A thorough understanding of heat transfer, air flotation technology and pollution abatement allows the company to design bespoke solutions to a growing range of industries and processes.

Spooner’s team of specialist engineers carry out everything from concept design and manufacture to full installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Offering over 4,500 m2 of purpose built manufacturing space to meet any requirement, Spooner also provide sophisticated in-house Test and R&D facilities for product development, trials and testing as well as servicing and maintenance.

The head office is based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK with agents and representatives across the globe providing a local point of contact for almost every client, wherever the location.

Spooner Offers You

Turn-key Solutions including full installation and commissioning services worldwide, with supervisory or full team erection and operator training.

In-House Manufacture offering 4,500 m2 of purpose built facilities for the pre-assembly and testing of critical parts, allowing full control of quality and programme.

R &D Test Centre provides a dedicated facility allowing in-depth study and demonstration of new processes and equipment design.

Service and Support including process inspections, upgrades, repairs, restoration, relocation and training carried out by Spooner’s specialist engineers.

Spare Parts manufactured in house where appropriate.

Quality Assurance comes from being ISO 9001 accredited, as well as carrying out extensive internal and external auditing for complete customer satisfaction.

Environmental Protection provides effective pollution control equipment stand alone or as part of an integrated thermal package for all VOC and HAP abatement needs.

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