Headquartered in Florence, KY, USA, SWECO also maintains manufacturing facilities in Macon, GA, Tulsa, OK, Belgium and Singapore, a joint-venture in Mexico, and a licensee in Australia. In addition, SWECO has over 100 service offices surrounding the globe. With this type of global commitment, you can be assured that SWECO will provide you with the best service in the industry... no matter where you are located.

The SWECO Mission

To be the world leader in particle-separation and size reduction solutions. To meet the challenges of an ever-changing world market by seeking innovative new technologies both inside and outside their organization. To provide responsive, intelligent sales support teams that are as knowledgeable about the needs of their customers as they are about their products. To engineer and manufacture equipment that provides quality, value, and dependability. To pursue all avenues that may enhance or improve their products and the products of their customers. To build a solid, lasting relationship with you, their customer.

The SWECO Commitment

To continue their sixty year tradition of providing quality, value, and performance by meeting your processing needs today, tomorrow, and far into the future.


SWECO constantly strives to improve their original designs with advances such as their Supertaut Plus II Screens. Their research and development in separation technology led to the creation of the QuickChange Separator, which drastically cuts down screen change time. And Sweco's Technology Center allows you to run a small scale, half scale or full scale test of your application to determine what kind of Sweco machine is right for you.


SWECO quality is found in both their products and their service. Special customer assistance features like their Motion Generator Replacement Program and Authentic SWECO Aftermarket Parts ensure fast and efficient service. SWECO's skilled design team will work with you to customize their machinery to fit your needs. Their extensive rep network is always on call to answer questions about your specific application.


Most of SWECO's field sales engineers have been with them for over 20 years. That means they can give you the type of hands-on guidance that you need to meet your process requirements. Their skill, training and extensive background have helped SWECO remain the leader in process technology for over 50 years.

The SWECO Family

Generations of Performance Working For You.

Innovation. Quality. Experience. Whatever your application, SWECO values mean important value for you.

Talk to a SWECO professional today.

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