Transhield, Inc.
Transhield, Inc.


Transhield custom fit covers are a patented alternative to conventional packaging products and provide superior shipping and storage protection for a variety of applications, including Industrial, Military, Marine OEM, Marine Aftermarket, RV, Wind Power, Aerospace, Railroad, HVAC, Powersports and Special Application needs.


Transhield covers are easy to install and many feature the added ability to heat-shrink for a tighter fit.  Many covers are made from Shrinkable Fabric™and consist of three layers: an outer layer that is UV-resistant and anti-condensation shrink/stretch film, a middle hot melt adhesive layer and a soft, cloth-like polyester material inner layer.  These three products combined provide surface protection for even Class A automotive finishes during transportation, without causing damage to paint, gel coat or decals. These covers also feature the patented Adhesive Additive Delivery – Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (AAD-VCI) system which provides 100% protection from corrosion during transportation and storage.


Transhield also offers non-shrink covers for quick and easy on-and-off storage and corrosion protection. These covers are especially well-suited for military applications.


Transhield covers are easily applied in minutes, less taping, tucking and folding are required, and combine the ease of a cover with the tight fit of shrinkwrap. Covers can be left on products without causing moisture damage, allowing products to be stored outdoors until they have been sold and can be used by the customer for up to two years after the sale.


Transhield, Inc.

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