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In 1961, Vortec became the first company to develop technology for converting the vortex tube phenomenon into practical, effective industrial cooling solutions. Since then, Vortec has continued to refine and expand vortex tube applications, as well as develop air amplification products for more efficient use of compressed air in cleaning and conveying applications. In 1990, Vortec was purchased by Illinois Tool Works, a Fortune 200 company; and is now part of the ITW Air Management business unit, which, in addition to Vortec products, offers the Paxton Product line of products for drying and blow off. Vortec’s line of innovative products include

  • Vortex Tubes, Cold Air Guns, and Vortex Enclosure Coolers for spot and enclosure cooling;
  • Personal Air Conditioner vests for worker comfort and safety in extreme temperatures;
  • Energy Saver Nozzle and Jet to blow off and clean while conserving compressed air and reducing factory
    air-related noise and operating costs;
  • Round Transvectors and Curtain Transvector Air Knives
    for air conveying, surface cooling, static elimination and blowing off of wide areas; and
  • Dual Force Drum Pump & Vacuum to spill and sump clean up and liquid material handling.

These products and the full line of Vortec products are all designed to improve your facility maintenance and productivity, increase equipment efficiency, and improve manufacturing methods and costs for cooling, cleaning and conveying.

The ITW Air management team of design and technical application engineers have decades of experience and can help you to find a solution for your industrial and commercial applications. Vortec products are often incorporated into other machinery and equipment to maximize productivity and reliability.

Highly reliable Vortec products are backed by a best-in-class 10 year Warranty for all core, compressed air products we manufacture. Our entire staff is committed to the quality and dependability and continuous improvement of our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

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