Zuken works globally with leading companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design and related manufacturing processes through the provision of leading-edge electronic design automation (EDA) and computer aided engineering (CAE) software and consulting services. Their unique combination of proven experience, technological expertise and agility creates best in class solutions. Zuken's transparent working practices and belief in integrity in all aspects of business produces long lasting and successful customer partnerships.

  Zuken’s Portfolio
Zuken E³.series: Software Solutions for the Design of Electrical Wiring
For the engineering of electrotechnical, electro-mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic applications as well as cabling and wiring harnesses. Providing fast, efficient, accurate design and manufacturing process through intuitive Windows®-based electrical CAD. This increases engineering quality, reduces errors and eliminates the need for data transfer using object-oriented software architecture; direct integration with ERP, PLM and other IT systems.
Zuken CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design
Increase productivity and improve performance through technologically advanced functionality. Provides a constraint-driven design process with DFM techniques throughout PCB design and manufacturing. Combining an intuitive graphical user interface; design technologies for complex multi-layer and high-speed printed circuit boards, with integrated signal integrity and EMC analysis and optimization; all developed especially for mid-sized to large companies with worldwide, team- oriented development processes.
Zuken DS2: Electrical & Electronic Engineering Data Management
Comprehensive design tool for use between company sites around the world; Providing a standardized development process with single source data pool; for overall product lifecycle management. Prepare and manage production data - manage company-wide or site-specific components, bill of materials and design data. This offers standard integration in company-wide PLM environment.
Zuken CADSTAR: Price/Performance PCB Design
This adaptable design environment has an intuitive workflow for guiding designers through the design process, providing FPGA, high-speed, signal integrity, 3D, manufacturing and data management options. Migration options allow existing data to be transferred to CADSTAR, thereby protecting your earlier investments while simultaneously increasing productivity; created for small to mid-sized EDA development teams.

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