KenWalt Die CastingKenWalt Die Casting is a small business category with less than 50 employees including management personnel with over 100 years of combined die casting experience. All production personnel are experienced, dependable and dedicated employees.

Type of Production

KenWalt Die CastingDie casting of all standard Aluminum and Zinc alloys including special Aluminum and Zinc alloys upon request.
Products and Services Include:

  • Die Cast, Trimming, and Tool Room Equipment
  • Vacuum Die Casting, Automatic Ladling, and Reciprocating Die Spray System
  • Undercut Designs and Cast Inserts
KenWalt Die Casting is proud to announce that they are ISO 9001:2000 Certified. They are dedicated to delivering high quality defect free products on-time and at competitive prices through continuous improvement of their management, staff, products and services in order to better satisfy the needs of their customers. All of their parts are produced in conformance to Automotive, Aerospace, Federal or Military specifications.

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