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Remcom provides electromagnetic simulation and site-specific radio propagation software for analyzing complex EM problems and antenna propagation. We empower design engineers with unique solutions for navigating today's rapidly changing technologies.

Remcom's products simplify EM analysis for a wide variety of applications including antenna design and placement, 5G MIMO, mobile device design, biomedical and SAR validation, microwave devices and waveguides, radar/scattering, automotive radar, outdoor and indoor mmWave planning, and more.

Our family of products includes:

XFdtd® is full wave 3D electromagnetic simulation software for modeling and analyzing EM field Simulation.

Wireless InSite® is 3D wireless prediction software for the analysis of wireless communication systems.

WaveFarer™ is a high-fidelity radar simulator for drive scenario modeling at frequencies up to and beyond 79 GHz.

Rotman Lens Designer® is a software tool for the design, synthesis, and analysis of Rotman Lenses and their variants.

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Throughput of a 5G New Radio FD-MIMO System in an Urban Area Using Custom Beamforming (Communications Software) This example demonstrates how a custom beamforming table can be used to model downlink data rates from three MIMO base stations for 5G New Radio in a section of Boston. (View Full Article)
5G/4G Combined Antenna Analysis in a Smartphone using EM Simulation (Engineering and Scientific Software) A proposed smartphone design that includes a 4G antenna operating at 860 MHz and a 5G array at 28 GHz is analyzed in XFdtd to determine operating characteristics and any mutual coupling. A brief study... (View Full Article)