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Category: Metallized and Coated Films
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Partner of Choice. For the Long Term.

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films has more than 40 years of delivering a broad line of high-performance polymeric films, membranes, coatings and lamination. Our ability to provide solutions to our customers based on experience, application expertise and global scale truly make us your partner of choice for performance and custom film needs.

Specialty Films serves the aerospace, energy, industrial, electronics, life science and automotive markets. Our material solutions deliver the optimal combination of temperature, chemical, release, friction, purity, and dielectric performance in a variety of critical applications.

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films offers expert capabilities in film manufacturing, coating and laminating. From ultra-clean to ultra-wide our capabilities ensure we can meet your needs. We utilize a full range of polymers including; Polyimide, FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, UHMW; Polyethylene, Polyester, Polyurethane and many others. Custom configurations include multi-layer films, specialty coatings, metal sputtering, and hot and cold lamination. Film modifications can be controlled for direct use in your process or product.

Specialty Film products are primarily represented via two brands, NORFILM™ and CHEMFILM®.

NORFILM Performance Coated Solutions add highly valued finishes (coating/laminations) to engineering-grade substrates. Relying on operations such as metal sputtering, lamination, and coating; NORFILM products can be custom designed to address customer needs. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities worldwide can deliver clean, high quality custom and standard product from prototype to high production quantities.

CHEMFILM products for Extreme Applications are films produced with higher performance fluoropolymers and polyimide. Our people, geographic reach and technical depth create a capability to supply the right product at the right place for the right application. Using the widest range of manufacturing methods, CHEMFILM products match the ideal fluoropolymer or polyimide film to meet your application need.

Saint-Gobain Corporation is a multinational corporation with more than 350 years of engineered materials expertise. Saint-Gobain transforms raw materials into advanced products for use in our daily lives, as well as developing tomorrow's new materials. Every day, Saint-Gobain products provide customers with the highest level of performance which is the result of creative ideas and innovative technologies.

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