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Precision Machining of Ceramics, Quartz, Refractory Metals 

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. specializes in the machining of engineering ceramics, glass, and refractory metals.

We offer not only machining service, but also material selection service and development assistance service. Our advantages are in the lead time, quality, and the ability to make complex shapes. 

Please find the material we use as well as the properties of them, and if you find yourself in need of those materials, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Material & Properties List


Composite Materials

  • Metal Matrix Composites(MMC) -*Electrical Conductivity,Heat Resistance,High Thermal-Conductivity
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites(CMC) -*Heat Resistance,Lightweight, High strength


  • Quartz Glass / Fused Silica(SiO2) -*Electrical Insulation, Heat Resistance, Low Thermal-Conductivity, Thermal-Shock-Resistance, Chemical Resistance
  • Sapphire Glass (Al2O3) - *Electrical Insulation, High Thermal-Conductivity at Low Temperatures
  • TEMPAX Float Glass(Schott) / Pyrex Glass(Corning) -*Electrical Insulation, Heat Resistance, Low Thermal-Conductivity, Thermal-Shock-Resistance

Refractory Metals

  • Molybdenum (Mo) -*High Heat Resistance (Melting Point: 4,753F), High Thermal-Conductivity, Low Thermal-Expansion
  • Tungsten (W) -*High Heat Resistance(Melting Point: 6,128F), Lowest Thermal-Expansion among Metals, High Density
  • Tantalum (Ta) -*High Heat Resistance(Melting Point:5,414F), Chemical Resistance, High Density

Any Questions? 

To learn more about our services, check our website, and feel free to contact us!! Our technical sales team is ready to support you on your project needs from prototype to production. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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