AGM products and services are all about data connectivity and controlling processes. And it doesn't matter what the process is... whether the required function is to isolate, amplify, convert, transmit, collect, visualize, interface with a process variable, control the process or both, AGM has the solution. Variability, functionality and flexibility ensures that there is a product that will meet any of your exacting process control needs. Our products are used in: open pit mines; automobile plants; oil fields; foundries; water/waste treatment plants; refineries; steel plants; fossil and nuclear generating plants; food/beverage processing facilities; oil/gas pipeline facilities; paper/chemical plants; fish hatcheries; air pollution control stations; ground pollution remediation sites; energy management control rooms; amusement/theme parks; agriculture irrigation systems; storm water monitoring systems; desalination plants; ship to ship cargo transfer monitoring; and microwave communications.

Meeting today's ever changing and more demanding facility operating requirements is creating some real challenges, especially in a time when waning revenues are resulting in tighter budgets. Mandated reporting, improved preventative maintenance, tighter schedules, higher quality standards for product and service along with reductions in overall operating expenses are just a few of these challenges. AGM provides the products for accessing data and information required by the user who needs to make informed and timely decisions to get the job done. From the field sensor, all the way to the boardroom. AGM Products are customized to your or your customer's needs. We have any form of signal conditioner module you may need. Our universal line of Data Handlers, Monitoring and Control products enhance or create a quick economical solution to your monitoring and control system requirements. Due to our manufacturing techniques, next day delivery is no problem.

Product Applications
• Signal Conversion, Conditioning & Isolation Computation
• Signal Selection
• Control
• Communication / Telemetry
• Annunciation Data Logging
• Display
• Interface

Total System Solutions
• Potable / Waste Water Management
• Irrigation / Sprinkler Controller
• Power Plant & Sub Station Monitoring
• Landfill Leach and Run Off Monitor

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