AQL, established in 1985,  designs and manufactures premier functional test fixtures.

Our expertise in combining mechanical motion with spring probe technologies results in solutions to the most complex testing challenges.

Repeatability, reliability, ergonomics are all key features of a well designed text fixture. Our functional test fixture can:

  • Probe test pads
  • Move a switch with pneumatics or manually
  • Monitor an LED
  • Bar code reader
  • Probe inside connector
  • Contact multiple planes
  • Mating connectors
  • Probe traces
  • Interface to your test stations
  • Monitor voltages
  • High current
  • Contact multiple axis
  • Coaxial connections
  • High pot
  • Interface to sub assemblies
  • Economical z axis motion
  • Adjust potentiometers
  • RJ11,RJ45

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