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Accina is a rapidly expanding supplier of a wide array of laser/high-grade optics and precision jewels designed for devices and instruments used in medical, scientific, industrial and defense applications. They provide custom components in small and large scale quantities, whether for R&D prototyping or large scale productions.

To Accina, quality and assurance for their customers are among their highest priorities; therefore they look for the finest workmanship around. It is this standard of excellence they abide by that has made Accina one of the leading suppliers for the optics industry.

A Tradition of Excellence

Accina's manufacturing facilities have served the optics industry of Asia and Europe for well over thirty years. In that time, their goal of excellence has not changed. The same standard and quality of service has sustained as they expand their market into the United States. They will continue their commitment to the high standard of service, quality workmanship and competitive pricing established over the years.



Accina's facilities are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry. Tremendous effort has been spent upon improving quality controls to ensure every product manufactured will match or exceed customer specifications.

Numerous facilities upgrades have been carried out, including the addition of more crystal-growing stations, allowing Accina greater capacity for large-scale productions. Many more such additions will take place in the near future. However, even in the midst of such expansions, they will not forget their tradition of excellence and will continue to offer their customers quality and peace of mind.

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