Serving the World for Four Generations

Since 1942, Acme Vial and Glass Company has understood the secret to being the world's best glass vial manufacturer. It's not just making high-quality glass vials, accessory products and small glass bottles. It's not just a fast turn-around on orders. It's not just the ability to provide custom products. And it's not just offering affordable prices, either.

Of course, Acme Vial does all of that. But the Knowles family knew, right from the day when Charles "Pop" Knowles started selling glass vials and small glass bottles out of his garage, that something else was more important: customer service.

No other glass vial manufacturer can beat Acme Vial when it comes to their user-friendly service. Your order will be filled with fast turn-around service, and if you're not satisfied with any aspect of your business with Acme Vial, they'll make it right. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

A Reputation for Quality
Four generations have passed since "Pop" Knowles started his garage-based business, and now Acme Vial manufactures glass vials, small glass bottles and accessories out of a large, modern facility in the beautiful Central California wine country. And it's still operated under the loving guidance of the Knowles family.

Acme Vial does business all over the world because of its reputation for quality products, fast delivery, affordable prices and, above all, exemplary customer service. Acme Vial manufactures tubular glass vials and small glass bottles (clear and amber) in a variety of sizes and styles, and they offer such accessories as caps, plastic stoppers, corks, droppers, applicator rod caps and printing.

Acme Vial is one of the few glass vial manufacturers who carry sufficient stock to fill and ship most orders within 24 hours, and often it will go out the same day you place your order. All of their glass products are pre-inspected before shipping.

Acme Vial also stands out because of its custom manufacturing. They can help you design a new product, then create it. They welcome smaller custom jobs for a few as 3,000 pieces.

Your Wide Selection
Their product line includes:

  • Screw Thread Vials (Short Style, Long Style, Special Stock and Capsule Style)

  • Colored Glass Vials and Tubular Novelty Vials

  • Glass Droppers & Applicators

  • Patent Lip Vials

  • Display Vials

  • Shell Vials

  • Perfume Sample Vials

  • Long Tubular Round Bottom Shell Vials

When you need glass vials or small glass bottles, come to the source. Come to the glass vial manufacturer where wholesale begins. You'll be satisfied with the quality, the price, and above all, the service.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

Acme Vial & Glass Company, Inc.

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