ACUTRONIC is the world leader in the development, design and manufacture of precision motion simulators for the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries. Motion simulators are used for testing and calibrating inertial sensors (e.g. gyroscopes and accelerometers), Inertial Navigation Systems, stabilized electro-optical systems, and Electronic Stability Control systems, as well as for simulating the flight motion of missiles. Our products range from small, one-axis rate tables for the automotive industry, to two and three-axis motion simulators for the calibration of Inertial Measurement Units, up to five-axis Flight Motion Simulators (FMS) for the defense industry. ACUTROL®3000e is the industry standard all-digital controller satisfying the most demanding requirements associated with precise motion control of such systems.

ACUTRONIC's products make it possible for customers to accurately reproduce motion profiles in laboratory or production environments. Common applications include testing and calibrating gyroscopes, accelerometers, MEMS-based sensors, inertial measurement units, avionics equipment, star trackers, and other similar instruments. To ensure high fidelity with real environments, temperature chambers and other features are often required. These products help customers to accelerate R&D development or production-line efficiency. In addition to its core set of products, ACUTRONIC offers engineering services in support of customers' technical requirements. Recent projects have included linear motion systems, a space docking simulator, and automatic test equipment ("ATE") solutions.

The design, manufacture and integration of precision motion simulators, capable of meeting today's high accuracy and high dynamic demands, requires a blend of varied technological and engineering expertise. In a successful design, a stiff, stable mechanical structure with the appropriate drive solution (electrical or hydraulic) is combined with a digital controller, to allow the high accuracy and dynamics needed. Other important design considerations include how to transmit power and data signals, gases and/or liquids through the rotating axes. This is achieved through sliprings and rotary joints. ACUTRONIC brings 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise to these issues, to ensure that our range of motion simulators meets and exceeds our customer's expectations.

Customers from the following industry sectors rely on ACUTRONIC motion simulation test equipment:
• Aviation
• Defense
• Space
• Consumer Electronics
• Transportation
• High-tech Industry

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