Founded in 1994, Adesso has since become a pioneer in manufacturing computer input peripherals, including Data Input Devices, Handwriting Input Devices, and iPad/PC Tablet Accessories. The company is headquartered in Walnut, California, USA, where we are becoming the leading computer input specialist supplier for industries such as Education, Government, Health Care, P.O.S., Banking, and PCs and Tablets.

At Adesso, we take pride in manufacturing and marketing high-innovation driven input products, including:
• Ergonomic, Mechanical, Programmable, Waterproof, Wireless, and Foldable Keyboards
• Laser-equipped, High-DPI Resolution, Wireless, and Power Saving Mice, Touchpads, and Trackballs
• Mobile Document Scanners, Film Scanners, and Barcode Scanners
• Graphic Tablets
• Stylish and Professional iPad/PC Tablet cases with Bluetooth keyboards and stylus pens

Adesso is active in developing new and innovative products. Today's most advanced technologies are used from leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Cirque Glidepoint Technology, ALPS, Cypress, Nordic, Upek, Holtek, Elan, Adobe and Arcsoft. Adesso looks towards tomorrow's pioneering designs to ensure they continue to be a leading provider in the Input Devices industry. As a partner to many worldwide research and development companies, Adesso is able to bring new products and direct the most efficient cost savings to the market and to our customers at present time.

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