ATC Inc., a leading company in the precision test and measurement market offers leak and flow testing instrumentation which provide a complete solution for demanding leak flow testing for over 22 years. Their patented MICRO-FLOW technology has brought a new dimension in leak testing with a shorter cycle time, better temperature stability compared to pressure decay. Their patented Mass Extraction technology offer highly sensitive and low measurement ranges (with AIR) that could only have been achieved with helium mass spec in the past.

ATC is an ISO17025 A2LA accredited company, with service centers and companies in Mexico, India, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.

Leak Testing products-solutions:

  • ATC offers wide range of leak test instruments for world-wide corporation for the following industries:
    • Automotive Powertrain, fuel and vapor, brake, cooling, electronic and chassis components.
    • Medical devices and components.
    • Pharmaceutical and Medical Container Closure Integrity for sterile and non-sterile products.
    • HVAC and refrigeration.
    • Appliances.
    • Oil and Gas Industries.
    • Electronic, aerospace, optical and military.
Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.)
Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.)
Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.)

Precision Flow Calibrators and Sensors

  • Gas-Cal flow calibrators for demanding and portable gas meter flow calibration
  • Precision gas flow sensors- IGFS and IMFS sensor ranges from 10-5 scc/sec to 10,000 lpm (calibration with numerous gases) and 20:1 turn down ratio.
  • Flo-Cal- portable liquid flow standards.

Non-Destructive Leak and Flow Testing- use ATC’s ISO 17025 accredited NDT test facilities, including Class 1 Div 1 hazardous gases flow test facility.

Custom Leak Test Machines:

  • When your application is demanding, and want a single source solution-contact ATC.
  • Pressure and Flow Test system, durability and pressure cyclers.
  • Continuous motion leak test system for high speed leak testing (packaging applications).

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