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Located in Berlin, Connecticut, ATP has been a leader in the torque field for over 20 years, with our wrenches and calibration units becoming mainstays on Army, Navy and Air Force bases and in the aerospace, power generation, marine, industrial, automotive and commercial sectors.  Our line of torque wrenches is used for accurate assembly and disassembly of bolts (fastening devices) in a wide range of applications.

Advanced Torque Products provides a full line of digitally controlled torqueing systems with tooling, specifications and units to fit your needs.  Our torque range spans from 10 in/lbs to 40,000 ft/lbs and everything in-between.  In addition to ± 1% total accuracy, our products can provide measurement data ft/lbs, in/lbs, N/m, k/g, and custom units. Our complete product line is interchangeable with a variety of tooling and possesses software interfacing capabilities.  Advanced Torque also provides a complete line of innovative precision calibration systems and torque measuring devices as well as custom ergonomic tooling, fixtures and adapters.Description: http://www.advancedtorque.com/WebImages/About%20Us/Birdcage_App_ATP_2500P.jpg

In addition to our product line, Advanced Torque Products designs, develops and manufactures products to custom fit or retro-fit to our customer’s specific needs.  Our management team brings together diverse strengths in education and practical experience to design solutions for a number of specialized applications, both conventional and non-conventional.  We offer complete turn-key capabilities and create innovative, reliable, high caliber designs which meet and surpass our customers' expectations.
Our business philosophy embodies continuous improvement and high quality standards.  We continuously serve our customers by developing concepts and products to solve their problems.  Advanced Torque has taken into consideration the valuable feedback and intelligence gathered from our customer base and field contacts in order to respond to the desires of our present and future customer needs.  We insist on going the extra mile to achieve total customer satisfaction and customer success.
Our Torque Systems are Global with systems currently used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

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