Aget Manufacturing CompanyProviding Industrial Dust Collectors & Industrial Mist Collector Systems over 70 years

Aget Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing dust and mist collectors since 1938. Over the years, we’ve developed our Dustkop and Mistkop products that are uniquely suited to our customers’ needs. Each system is tailored to run efficiently for the type of collection required. For example, if you need a saw dust collector for your workshop, Aget will select from our pre-engineered Cyclone dust collectors or other systems to provide maximum efficiency for the type of dust your shop produces. By tailoring each system to collect precisely the type of dust or mist produced, Aget can provide collection systems that operate at optimum efficiency – saving you money.

Industrial Duty Design

Aget’s shop dust collectors and mist collectors are designed to run continuously with infrequent shutdowns for filter reconditioning and maintenance. We understand that you don’t want to spend time worrying about non-production equipment. That’s why we build each system with the following features to reduce maintenance and the need for replacement parts:

  • Welded construction
  • Angle-iron supporting frameworks
  • Thicker gauge steel
  • Continuous-duty motors
  • Heavy-duty fan wheels, Aluminum (non-sparking) and Steel
  • Material handling fan design (capable of having material pass through the fan, even if not intended)
  • Individual major components bolted together for replacement (e.g. cone to cylinder) vs. entire single welded cyclone unit

Aget Manufacturing CompanyAget Manufacturing CompanyAget Manufacturing Company

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