Air Compressor Technology, Inc. offers remanufactured airends on an exchange basis for electric stationary and portable rotary screw and vane air compressors. With the largest inventory of remanufactured airends, rebuildable cores and airend components in the industry, Air Compressor Technology, Inc. offers a reduction in down time and a higher quality remanufactured product.

Our company is proud to have served several OEM compressor manufacturers as providers of diagnostic services and as remanufacturers of components and complete airend assemblies. Among our customers are some of the largest compressor distributors in the world. We stock OEM and quality aftermarket drive gear sets for many models of rotary screw compressor packages, as well as overhaul kits for most airends.

Our in-house machine shop specializes in the repair of airend components with high pressure ASME certified welders, the very best materials and the technical wisdom gained from well over one hundred years of combined compressor repair experience.

With over 4000 remanufactured airends in the field in applications from undersea exploration to NASA and the space program, Air Compressor Technology offers a reliable and realistically priced alternative to factory exchange airends.

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