Founded in 1969 as a contract manufacturer and electronic assembly manufacturer in CT, we have continually held a position at the forefront of circuit miniaturization technology. Our initial products were very high-density resistor networks for scientific research applications at universities and other research institutions. From these networks, thick and thin film ceramic hybrid circuit assemblies were a natural gowth step.

In the mid 1970's we helped pioneer a new technology called Chip On Board (COB) and various Multi Chip Module (MCM) designations. COB forms the initial basic step of Ball Grid Array (BGA) technology.

As active Surface Mount components began to appear in the 1980's, we saw the manufacturing economics possible and developed the processes to capture this new technology for pcb assembly while maintaining our postition as a manufacturer of electric assemblies in CT. Equipment for solder paste screening, automatic component placement, reflow soldering and assembly cleaning was installed. We again helped pioneer the combining of all these technologies to produce circuit layouts designd for size/cost optimization.

We have been involved in the design and manufacture of high quality miniaturized electric circuits to general industry since 1975. With our history and experience in the manufacture of electronic assemblies, we are well established in the industry and we've built our business on customer satisfaction. Our customers will be glad to substantiate our claims of quality products delivered on time.

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