Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC is a dynamic company dedicated to helping its customers develop robust supply chains for their chemical requirements in industrial manufacturing processes. 

Arkalon specializes in applications where:

  • The needed chemicals may be novel and no manufacturing sources exist.
  • The compositions may be difficult to prepare, and have demanding purity specifications or unusual analytical requirements.
  • Highly customized packaging may be required.
  • Required volumes may be too small to interest large, commodity manufacturers.
  • The current supplier intends to exit the market and a new supplier is needed.
  • A secondary supply may be wanted for strategic reasons.
  • An economical toll producer is needed who will provide careful process control.

Arkalon is a full service chemical supplier supporting its customers with capabilities in market research, custom synthesis, process development, and full scale production.  They are staffed by business and technical professionals with extensive industry experience.  Arkalon works collaboratively with customers to define needs, develop safe and effective synthesis routes, and evolve specifications and timelines to provide efficient, reliable supply.

Arkalon provides products for:
  • PWB and Related Technlogies
  • Photolithography and
    Nano-Imprint Patterning
  • CVD, ALD and Spin-On Films
  • Chemical Synthesis and
    Related Technologies
  • Specialty Adhesive Additives
  • Specialty Multifunctional Monomers

Packaging in specialty containers and bubblers is available.

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