Arlon LLCArlon Silicone Technologies Division (Arlon STD) is a global leader in calendered and extruded silicone rubber materials primarily for electrical and electronic applications.

Since 1954 Arlon STD has focused on precision-calendering silicone rubber onto woven fabrics and polymer films. Our production calenders are capable of depositing 0.001 - 0.060 inches of silicone rubber in a single pass at width up to 50 inches and continuous length exceeding 1,200 yards. We produce calendered silicone rubber materials to a variety of industry specifications for demanding applications.

  • UltraPad®- High performance silicone rubber press pads for flex and rigid flex circuitry lamination with unmatched service life.
  • Secure®- Thermally conductive silicone rubber adhesives for adhering power transistors and LED luminaries to heat sinks.
  • Protect®- Thermally conductive silicone rubber insulators for thermally coupling power transistors and LED luminaries to heat sinks with mechanical fasteners.
  • Flex Heater Substrates- Thermally stable silicone rubber substrates for flexible heater used in a wide variety of industries.
  • Thermabond®- Low modulus silicone rubber adhesives for adhering materials with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) such as printed circuit boards to metal rigidizers or composite panels.
  • SilQuench®- Light weight and flame resistant silicone rubber substrates for hose and duct manufacture with low smoke generation and low toxicity.
  • InsilThin®- High performance thermal insulation alternative to silicone foam and sponge with better insulation performance and better thermal stability. 
  • Coil Insulation- High performance silicone rubber substrates for insulating generators and motor coils.

Arlon STD also extrudes silicone rubber into unsupported and supported self-fusing tapes.  Self-fusing tapes are specially formulated to bond irreversibly only to themselves without a conventional adhesive and at room temperature.

  • LevelWrap®, MOX-Tape®, and Arlon SFT™ - Self-fusing silicone rubber tapes, with or without reinforcing fabric, for a variety of application requiring superior electrical insulation and resistance to moisture, ozone, and corona over a wide temperature range.

Arlon STD has an experience and expertise to custom formulate silicone rubber compounds, calendered and extruded products that deliver physical properties tailored to your unique application.  With manufacturing locations in United States and China we are able to deliver timely and cost effective solutions. 

For assistance selecting the right solution for your specific needs please contact by phone at 1-800-635-9333 or online at:

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