B&H Machine Sales

B&H provides you:

  • Over 70 years of experience.
  • Over 150,000 sq./ft. of inventory.
  • Machining, welding & repairs.
  • The largest selection of speed reducers anywhere!
  • Surplus & remanufactured parts.
Speed Reducers
The largest selection of speed reducers in the world. They specialize in the hard-to-find and specialty gear drives and speed reducers.
Shaft Accessories
One stop shopping for all your accessories: bearings, brakes, jaw couplings, gear couplings, sprockets, pulleys, clutches.
Full line distributor of Baldor and WorldWide Electric Motors and Drives. B&H Machine Sales also stocks hundreds of surplus and rebuilt motors to save you money.
Find all of your electrical needs: fuses, breakers, bus plugs, motor starters, disconnects, enclosures, complete panels.

What we do
Tired of long lead times or lack of repair parts for your gear drives? B&H specialize in hard-to-find and obsolete speed reducers.  Looking for a critical spare?  B&H combines a full-service machine shop with a massive inventory to provide custom drives at off the shelf prices.  Not getting the reliability and capacity out of your gear drive like you once did?  Since 1939, B&H has serviced gear drives and speed reducers for all industries.

24/7 Service
They pride themselves on providing breakdown service and emergency repair services. B&H Machine Sales' rush service is so well received that distributors across the USA frequently call upon them to help service their customers. They ship and service gear drives and speed reducers all over the world.


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