BalTec Corporation manufactures work cells which include riveting machines and press systems. To assure a high level of quality and customer satisfaction we support manufacturers and customers in our trials and testing lab when it comes to determining the best joining technology as well as during the integration of machines. Over 20 sales representatives located in strategic regions of the US, Canada and Mexico provide a close personal support.

Our position as a technology leader defines the direction we wish to take in future. We want to exploit this position, improving it on a sustained basis to ensure that our cooperation with our partners and customers focuses on finding the best solutions in joining technology. With the patented HPP-25, a process data management system with integrated and intuitive machine control, we have created a new benchmark in process monitoring.

And what is our strongest asset? Beyond any doubt, it is our committed and motivated employees, many of whom have gained a wealth of experience over many years. Together, we pursue a single goal with absolute dedication: customer satisfaction.

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