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At Bishamon, we realize that servicing our customers' needs is paramount, and have adapted a corporate philosophy that enhances the development of strong partnerships with our dealers. Our vision statement says it all. "At Bishamon, We're Working Harder to Make Your Life Easier"

This statement serves as an inspiration to all our employees, and to our valued dealers. It illustrates our commitment to being a customer driven company that realizes the value of partnerships with our dealers. Your success is our success, we cannot achieve our goals without you! We believe that our people make the difference and their dedication and commitment to you will build an unbeatable team to carry us into the next millennium.

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Lift Tables Pallet Positioners Mobil Handling Pallet Handling
Lifting Platforms that allow material to be raised and/or lowered to various, ergonomically optimum heights for a specific application or process. Automatic, self leveling and self contained, it is designed for loading and unloading of palletized materials. Integral turntables eliminate reaching, providing advanced ergonomic benefits. A wide variety of mobile lifting platforms, skid lifters and tilters that provide the benefit of mobility to position the lift or product to where the work is needed. The premium pallet jack in the industry, it is easy to use, durable and provides unparalleled rollability

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